You’re not too young or old for the Jabra Enhance™ Plus.

Is the Jabra Enhance™ Plus right for you?

  • Do you have early symptoms of hearing loss?
  • Want to filter out background noise and hear what your family, friends and colleagues are saying?
  • Are you a savvy person who doesn’t want to miss out on life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then yes, Jabra may be for you.

What are they?

  • An easy and quick way to hear speech better 
  • Compact and water-resistant earbuds that can connect to your iphone
  • A great way to stream TV and music

What doesn’t Jabra Enhance™ Plus do?

  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Scold you when you eat too much ice cream
  • Curate your Spotify list
Jabra Enhance Plus Hearing Device

Ready to improve your hearing and get more out of life?

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    Julie Barth, Au.D.
    Doctor of Audiology

    Call 419-518-5908 or use the form above to contact us.

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