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The alternative to traditional hearing aids.

Hearing Aids by ReSound looks like no other hearing instrument, is worn like no other hearing instrument and literally disappears when in the ear. Nothing bulky behind your ear to interfere with those cool sunglasses.

No other instrument available today is designed to be so cosmetically discreet.

wear and forget

Thanks to its innovative shape and ergonomic styling, be by ReSound feels like no other hearing instrument. It’s so light and comfortable; you’ll probably forget you’re wearing it.

be by ReSound sits naturally and comfortably in the ear. This unique fitting is further
enhanced by a special design feature we call MultiVenting™. This allows air to travel freely in and out of the ear, ensuring you can hear your own voice – and those of others – as naturally as possible.

Some traditional instruments cause a “plugged up” feeling, but be by ReSound gives you wide Open comfort.


hear the difference
Though it weighs as much as a paper clip (battery included) and sits invisibly in the ear, be by ReSound packs a seriously powerful punch. This unparalleled performance is provided ReSound’s superior technology platform: Sound by ReSound™.

Sound by ReSound is made up of three sophisticated technological elements that
combine to deliver brilliant clarity, advanced elimination of whistling and the most
natural listening experience available.

Yes, it’s a lot of high tech mumbo jumbo. But it works. be by ReSound provides you
with an unparalleled listening experience.